Pins not resetting after Renew and Pins being hit during Tidy. Video inside

Working on polishing and completing the Bowling game into a final product and I’m having a little issue with the pins not resetting after a renew animation. It simply hangs at 0 until I reset the game. Doesn’t happen all the time but I can’t seem to figure out where it’s borking when it does?

Also, since I’m asking about one problem. Another problem I’m having is the pins are being hit by the swiper during the Tidy animation and falling in slow motion. Kind’ve annoying.

Pins hit on Tidy at 0:26.

Pins failing to renew properly at 1:35.

Lots of sucky bowling in between.

What have you tried / eliminated so far?

This looks like a physics rendering issue… Look carefully at the discrete/ continuous collision detection on the rigidbodies of the pins and ball.

I tried making sure the animations were blending properly, I’ve looked at collisions and saw no issues there, everything is continous or continous dynamic. Kind’ve annoying.

Seems like the animation event isn’t firing reliably.

Read the docs carefully and figure out what is best.


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