Pillars and crates

I might have been carried away with variants :sweat_smile:

And forgot to share crates:


One size of crate?

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One size for now… I even removed different barrel sizes. I need to see how Grants proposes to organize scene (now it’s a mess :sweat_smile: ) and how he textures things… at the end I will be able to create more variants.

btw. right now those object scales seems to be a bit… big…

ok, I just watched ‘organising the modules’ lecture… it’s still a mess, but less of a mess. I am surprised that Grant is not loosing it with so many versions of cube.00*, cylinder.00* and plane.00* :sweat_smile:

I will do the organization by myself… like that

But before finishing the section I’ll look how some game asset creators on unreal marketplace and unity asset store organize their collections… I might even create an asset pack just for the practice of it.


Soo… I reviewed many packages by various asset creators for unity and unreal. Including those made by Unity and Epic. There is no magic there. Mostly it’s just 1-3 levels of tree in directory structure with a few categories like buildings, props, nature etc. Sometimes creators are lazy and there is no organization at all (i.e., all the meshes in one directory).

I think there are just 2 important/consistent things that assets packs I looked at have in common: consistent naming convention and demo maps. Both of which help in discoverability of what a given asset pack has inside.

Sounds reasonable, basic sorting into groups. It is perhaps surprising there is no recommended structure, it would make creators’ and users’ lives simpler and more consistant.

Demo Maps?

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It definitely would. But if for example Epic has different conventions between their asset packs than I guess establishing “global standard” would be very difficult.

Demo levels, demo scenes… Each software has different nomenclature :sweat_smile:. Basically an example layout and placement of assets. Like in the section would be - example dungeon layout.

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