Pillar, Crate, and Barrel variations

To speed up future workflow, I took the primary object of each individual type, i.e., crate, barrel, etc., and duplicated each. With the copies, I would follow with Grant to learn the exercise, and then go back to the original and create another copy to experiment. This way, I get a base item to create a multitude of varied assets. For example, I would take the original pillar and copy it before individualizing it, and by duplicating it later, I can use that original to quickly make three to five more variations.

I assume these exercises lead up to creating a dungeon, so I’m planning ahead now to have a large group of pillars to reuse rather than using the same three pillars throughout the dungeon.

In some instances, I used those saved originals to create duplicates for making other items. E.x., Scaling down the block pillar and repurposing it as a brazier.

I also used a bit of sculpting from the previous lessons to ‘crunch’ the pillars like a soda can.


Here’s a version easier of the eyes and shows more nuance.


Looks a fine varied set of columns. Going to be an epic dungeon.

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