Pillar / Column Detail Needed

I am trying to get the stripes down the sides of the column and I have not got it right.

Current Column:

I need the indents. Top View.


I keep getting distortion that I do not want. I do not want the indents to go along the upper and lower detail. When I extrude the sections/faces that I have around the center, they distort the upper and lower parts.

Hi JohnBarradale,

Can you show your topology, so a screenshot in solid view please?

Cheers, Jax

Here is a screenshot of the current column. I have also watched a few You Tube videos and trying a few other designs.

You want columns like this ?

Create the cylender, select 1/2 faces

Extrude, scale down ā€œS shift Zā€

Select the faces on top and bottom and delete


Select all the vertices and bewel (Ctrl B)


For my scene, i just Extrude and scale down , i saved lots of faces without bewel.


Getting some better designs to the first one I did.

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