Pikachu Head Dynosculpt

So, I have returned to this course and started at the blockout section because I have plenty of hard surface modeling practice and what not under my belt.

Last time I got to the retopo stage, but never finished it. And retopoflow decided to break so all the work I had done went to waste. (I will do the retopo manually cause autoretopo is horrible)

Anyways, the reason I stopped was to take some time to practice drawing. After learning proportions for humans (getting proper arm lengths, elbow placement, etc) I decided its finally time to come back to this course and work on a new character. I drew a reference, but it is just the outline for a female body, I going to use references to create the outfit.

It won’t be anatomically accurate though I am sure as I haven’t gotten that point in my art studies yet. But I already like the progress I have made and can’t wait to show GDTV this character after the sculpt is done.

Anyways, Pika pika pika chuuuuuu.


autoretopo is not something that works immediately out of the box. It has its usages.
Like auto-weight for bones, it works but you need to fiddle it.

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