Pickups Integration

Going for the fifth time to try and understand how to do 1 pickup

TO be clear

I am so confused i am unable to be clear now LOL

I think i know what i would like to learn

How do i build a weapon spawner from scratch?
Including all the parts for it.
the pickup in /Game/Pickups
The resource from /Game/Weapons/Resources

I wish Rick would show me 1

Trying to do 4 at a time is not good for me

I guess i am slow

How do i convert ONE of my old weapon pickups to a new one
1 at a time
Doing multiple is not good for me
I was born before the sixties LOLOLOL

Please help

I have got such a mess here to many attempts with different names and stuff
DANG it anyhow
I need to know how to Fish before i can do multiples

Did you ever get this sorted, Steve? There were several similar topics, at the time, so I didn’t answer them all.

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