Pick & Deliver Game S02


Hi Yann,

I’m happy following the course and enjoying very much the videos. Well, this is my P&D game ideas. I have two diferent and don’t know which to choose. Because this is very briefly introductive task I decide to explain you both. You’ll tell me what do you think about it:

IDEA 1: Conectivity
Players have to deal with the planification of the city subway of a big city. They have to expand metrolines across the city trying to get to the points of best conection for several kind of people (workers, tourists, etc…) to their destinations.

Players do: Players they just put in a city map some lines to conect people to their destinations.

How do they win: first to conect all kinds of people (there’ll be 4 sort I think) wins

IDEA 2: Earth Evacuation
In future planet Earth is going to be reached by a meteorite so its time to evacuate. Players are corporations trying to build quickly the biggest spacecraft to exti our planet. But there not enogh materials here, so they’ll have to explore next planets to find and pick some minerals. Drama all around!!

Players do: They should travel with space ship wasting time to find some good material to build the big mega-spaceship. It isn’t easy, time is running up. The meteorite it’s a time limit to pick all they need.

Who wins: player that complete the biggest spaceship when time’s up. If no player has finished, meteorites wins.

Let’s see what do you think.
Thnak you



Hi Toni!

Glad you’re enjoying the course so far!

These are both really solid ideas - I’ve always had a soft spot for strong games with everyday themes, so my first impulse is to say the city planner game. The meteor idea is also pretty great - personally I think it’s worth doing themes that aren’t used a lot (like space or dragon, so my vote is the city planning theme!


Hi again

I’m following first steps to craft my prototype of Conectivity. I’ve got an idea for the name. Would be something like “Pocket Subway”, an small game with lots of fun for everybody, ha, ha, ha. I want to share with you the very first sketches. Now dealing with components and so to test it.

It’ll be a double side modular board formed by 9 parts. The central one its the only it would be allways in the middle. The other 8 parts would be placed random around city center.

I tell you what it’s more difficult for me in this project. It’s the essential experience subject. I’m thinking how to induce the “subway builder” to the mechanichs but it’s a very simple game: just put some rails each turn. Any insight?

Thank you


Looks great - the modular board is a really strong choice.

As to the essential experience, it’s down to how you want the players to feel. Is this a chaotic experience with a city that falls apart, lots of random events and subway lines that are always breaking down/ Are players smart and planning? Is this experience one of looking over and making solid, informed choices? Is this a cutthroat game, where players are trying to undercut prices and maybe run ad campaigns to steal passengers from other lines?