Physics simulation:ish

I really think physics simulation is broken in Blender, to the level where I am not keen to using it.
But still, a few tweaks in the Scene/RigidBodyWorld setting makes it a little less broken, enough to play around with.

Lacking proper inspiration I just smacked a few domino-bricks on there, and a ball.

… oh, of course I did this before…


Great work!
You said “no inspiration, here”, but the domino bricks was a fun idea. I can see a more more complex brick set-up. And a camera following it. But, time, time …
And the glass bow, I loved it. Balls stay in plays, and still you can see physics at work. Great!

I must say, I don’t have any problems with Blender so far. That means, no crashes during working with physics. I’m using Blender 2.77a on Win7 Pro 64bit.

Still, happy rendering!

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I am beginning to think that my driver for the GTX-card is not entirely flawless.
I run on Ubuntu 16.04 with the proprietary nvidia driver update. The performance is blasting with my HW but I have had a few 3D - related problems. So maybe not blender then… :slight_smile:

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