Physics Question - I don't understand that


I am working on the Lamp-Scene and wanted to start with “things i know” - the physics of the Bowling ball and pin, it shall run down a ramp after the lamp hit it.

I attached my blend file here in the hope, one of the masters-of-blender can hint me, what is wrong in my setup. The physics engine is of greatest interest for me - I have big plans with blender and i need to understand that fully.

So, what’s the problem? Physics work, the ball rolls, it hits the pin, everything is fine and works as intended.
Except one little thing:

the ramp shown is physical surface but the ball “hovers above it”. it does not make contact through the entire animation… when it hits the ground…

all is good. the floor reacts as it should, but this plane (the ramp) seems to have invisible volume or something like that…
Can someone help me out? I am not asking for solving it for me, i am asking for advice, what I did wrong in my setup.
Would be really great, if one of you finds a few minutes to look at it - maybe you can see the mistake?

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Change the collision shape to Mesh and the margin to 0.001, on all interacting step, ramp, ball.

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That solved it! 1000000 thanks!!


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