Physics problems

Hi @Michael_Bridges @ben I’m having issues with my Active/Passive toggle. I do the following:

  • toggle all with ‘a’
  • select Add Active
  • select my planes, select Add Passive

Once I select Add Passive, all elements are now passive. If I select a pin to add active, all elements are now active, including the planes.

Any ideas what might be going on here? I really wanted to smash things into each other :frowning:

It suddenly started animating,maybe a second fresh open of the saved file is all it needed. Now it is doing this:

Any idea what’s going on with the gravity?

Wow that looks fun!

I cannot tell much by looking at the video, could you attach the Blender file too?

Hah! Yes, it grew quite a bit. Here’s a link to the file, it was too large to post:

@Michael_Bridges Have you gotten to take a look yet?

Apologies for the delay.

Yep, origins are you issue- set you origins to the centre of your objects and you’ll be sorted :smiley:

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