Physics Handle in Unreal 4.14

You might have a time of it trying to find “GrabComponent(” - while it’s still a valid part of the Physics Handle, it’s been deprecated (that is, it’s an old way of doing it, which is being replaced by a new one).

If you search for GrabComponent on its own, you will most likely find GrabComponentAtLocation and GrabComponentAtLocationWithRotation - the latter of which will have an example of how it’s used.

You could still use GrabComponent of course, but you might find it won’t work in future versions of Unreal if it gets removed from the class.

I was able to use the GrabComponent with no trouble until I added ReleaseComponent. At that point Unreal forced me to change to one of the other methods to even compile.

For purposes of this video, I would recommend the GrabComponentAtLocationWithRotation using an FRotator with its values set at 0 to keep the grabbed object upright. The GrabComponentAtLocation will leave the grabbed object freely spinning on the grab point according to its center of gravity.

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You could also use GetActorRotation() if you want to stay at whatever rotation it was before you picked it up

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