Personal Project with the Italian Blender Community


Hi everyone I wanted to show you a project I did with the Italian Blender Community. The admins wanted to make the youngest members create something together, either to gain the courage to post their works and to train them. Each participant had to build a low poly residential house, the project was divided into 4 tasks:
#1) house
#2) garden
#3) vehicles
#4) people

these are my works, hope you like it :smiley:


I love it, a good job!


Amazing! Love the details in the cars especially :sparkling_heart:


Thank you, I’m glad you like it! :smiley:


Thanks, that’s probably the part where I concentrated more, together with the house, I’m happy you like it :smiley:


The project as a whole is really beautiful, you should be proud of it! Would love to see the characters evolve too as you go through the course!


My next goal is exactly to improve my skills in character modeling and organic modeling in general :smiley:
In this case I was going to model the faces too but in the end I really liked the style they came out with so I kept them like these.
The funny thing about these characters is that they are all “portraits”: the guy with the beard and hat is me, the two girls are two friends of mine and the boy is the little cousin of one of them who saw my works and sort of became my #1 fan :joy:


That’s actually adorable :joy: The style of the characters does indeed fit in well with the rest of the scene. Provides more of a playful feel to it also. Good luck with your organic modelling though!


Thank you! Good luck to you too! :smiley:


What a great scene! I love the style.


Thank you! :smiley: