Personal Project (testing animation knowledge)

I did this as a practice run and to see if I understood the principles of rigging and animation.

1080 (100%), 300 samples, 666 frames, 27,5 sec, 12 hours render, 268 object (20 moving)


Wow 12 hrs rendering. Most probably you could reduce this rendering time man… Unless you have to render only in cpu…

The scene looks very good though!

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This is fantastic! Love the look of everything

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You are totally right, if I went with 50% of 1080 it would prob still look very good and slash in my rendering time. But I wanted to run the render and I got a dedicated PC for the rendering I can just keep it running until it’s done.

Gonna look into better render options with my next animation project :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

prety cool

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