Personal Halloween 24 Hour Game Jam

After completing the 2D course I have been wondering what to do next. Well yesterday I saw an email about Halloween themed games for sale on and decided to put my knowledge from class to good use and made a game in 24 hours!

Here is my Halloween themed platformer made in 8-9 hours!

Many bugs to be fixed and more enemies, power-ups and more if people are interested. Happy Halloween all.



This is incredible! Can I share this with the team? Also if they like it can we use it for showcase snippets that will be added to the courses?

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Thank you, yes you may and that would be awesome! Have a great day!

Nice game, my only issue, aside from some bugs (which is understandable, you did this in 9 hours), are the controls, Why C to attack? That’s incredibly uncomfortable, maybe set the attack to the J,K, or L key.

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Very good question. It probably was from frustration to get the attack to work and choose a key near the movement keys. Though I see what you mean and will patch that in a little bit with a better key or keys.

Thank you and have a great day!

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