Periscope challenge : how to perfectly align by hand?

Hi, I tried doing the challenge with some elongated wedges (by hand) for the sake of it, so naturally the scales aren’t perfect 1’s and 2’s. My question would be , how can I assure that my shapes are perfectly aligned? is there a resize with snapping or move with snapping tool somewhere?

As you can see from my print screen, the rendered version displays some points where the forms are joined, meaning that there is a small space between them.

You will learn the snapping tool in the next few lessons. Until then, a good technique is to use the 3d cursor to position the new shape on the old shape. You can figure out how much to offset it by looking at the dimensions of the object in the property panel.

I just saw that, and you were right, the snapping tool, with the magnet icon does the job


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