Pawns and Bishops Lighting Test Cycles VS Blender Render

Pawns and Bishops done (high polly)

Lighting setup is 1 Sun and one Spot Light - trying to recreate a common lighting setup you would do on Photography shoots.

Did two different renders, one in cycles and another with blender render to start to understand the differences.

Looks like Cycles creates a more realistic look, as it is lighting from both the light sources and from the bounced light from other objects.

Blender Render is really fast and makes it look a bit video game - but it can work great if that’s the style you’re going for!


I have now added the chessboard border, changed the camera to a 24mm and tweaked the lighting.

Getting the textures and materials right really is a whole world on its own!

Rendered using Blender Render - played around with Nodes (Cycles) but I think I need to first go further in the course

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