Paused near the end of Section 3 to work on something fun :D

I just finished the video where we made the door open with the blueprint, but I disabled that for now for reason’s you’ll see in the video below :D. Can’t let the little baby spheres escape. Mama balls have to rescue them.

I went googling and found out how to do somethings, like spawning actors and iterating through all actors to find the ball spawners and make them spawn balls. I think it would definitely be better to have each one of the spawners subscribe to an event like we did we blueprints, but I’m not too sure how to do that in code yet. Hopefully I’ll learn soon. Ben’s course has been amazing. Never would have got this far without the course :).

Anyway…all that above will make sense if you watch this video. Enjoy. Don’t try this at home or your computer will hate you :smiley:

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That is a lot of fun, thanks again for sharing a video with us

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