Path to the Glowing Ball, Now with Steel Grates and Reflective Water

What is a Portcullis? Also, I rendered in Cycles with Denoise this time.


A Portcullis is the entrance to a castle, and I believe it’s made of iron or steel, but certainly something that can withstand an attack. It’s usually automated to go up and down, depending on whether there are folks who need to enter the castle grounds, or folks who are needed to be kept out of the castle grounds.



Okay. The word Portcullis sounds like a combination of Port, which is like a door, portal, or entrance between two spaces, and Cull, which I think means to remove, such as in Occlusion Culling, where objects that can’t be seen are removed from the render. So I can see how it would mean something that can remove intruders from the entrance door of a castle.

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Makes nice reflections!

Portcullis, standard castle entrance defence. Wound up or down inside slots for the edges of the portcullis in the fabric of the building, from inside, so not swinging open like a door might. Often several along a passageway, so attackers could be held back in that passageway and attacked from murder holes in the ceiling or walls.

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