Passed with little more than 2 weeks of study and no previous experience

Hi there!
I just want to share my experience passing the Unity Certification Exam (with 90%) with those who are not sure they are ready.

I was going through the course at about 2-3 hours of study per week when Unity finally contacted me to tell me there was an exam available in Madrid. I live in Portugal so I was waiting for an exam opportunity in the Iberian Peninsula.

I had less than a third of the course done and the exam was in 11 days.

I knew if I wanted the certification I would have to work really hard because I had never done a complete project in Unity before (I dabbled with it for fun a few times but nothing serious).

So I took the next 2 weeks just for studying Unity and finish the course in record time.

Long story short, I got to the final mock exam of the course and got 71% the first time and almost two hours to finish it.
In my second attempt I was able to pass in time but with only 74%.

The exam was in 2 days and I was right at the edge of passing.
I went to the exam very nervous and hoping that the questions weren’t as tricky as the ones in the mock exam.

They weren’t. The first 4 or 5 topics of the exam were amazingly easy to pass with 100% score and gave me the confidence I needed to know I could actually make it without a lot of effort.

Conclusion: The Unity exam is easier than the quizzes and the mock exam in this course. If you are worried like I was that the questions are tricky and try to deceive you, fear no more.

I dit have to study like hell and memorize all of the Reverb Zone presets, Audio Compression properties, supported audio, video, 3D, text, and image file formats and a lot more things, but at the end the exam doesn’t go so in depth.

My advice is start by studying the main parts. Stuff like the different components and what they do and then go in depth into each one.

The best way to pass the exam is to understand Unity.
Applying what you learn in the course in small projects is the best way con consolidate the knowledge.

So this is my story and advice for those who might, like me, get a little discouraged by a bad mark in the mock exam.
I wish all of you the best luck passing the final exam.

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Wow! Congratulation @diogommr, what a great mark.

I’m sorry that the mock exam caused a bit of anxiety. I would rather that our exam is harder that the real one but I think we need to do a better job of alerting students to that fact.

Here’s what I did so other students aren’t discouraged:

I highly appreciate all of the effort you guys put into the course.

I just went to the exam more nervous because unlike the Unity certification, other certification exams that I went to (from Adobe) are actually very hard to pass because of tricky questions.

Keep up the good work!

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