Passed the Unity Certified Programmer beta exam in Brazil


Hello guys!

I`m very happy for passing in the beta Unity Certified Programmer exam! I was chosen to be one of the beta testers, I did the exam on February 16th and received the result today, this exam will be open to public next month and unity released a small document with the exam objectives and a few example questions.

I studied for it by reading the documentation on every subject that they pointed and also by doing this community’s Unity Certification course, while the course isn’t aimed at this exam, it did help with a few subjects that wouldn’t cross my mind to practice by myself, which was quite useful in the end.

Regarding the difficulty, while I haven’t done the older official test, comparing to the exams in the Certification Course test I could say that this new one is harder, although it is fairer IMHO since the questions are about actual code and logic as the example questions in the document I’ve linked above shows and not about what “x” button does like the ones from the course. I hope to see a course made by the crew for these new exams eventually too.

I owe a lot to Ben’s team and the community overall, I’ve taken the unity course back in February 2016 and joined the forum in June 2016, I learned tons from you guys since then, I knew almost nothing about game development and coding, and nowadays I’m quite happy with the level I’ve achieved, of course, the road ahead is still quite long but I do feel that every day I’m a little bit closer to fulfil my dream of actually making a living from game development.

Thank you all!