Passed the Unity Certification Today(86%)

Hello Everyone,

First, thanks a lot Sam, Ben and the for your hard work and boosting my confidence . Today I passed the exam in Bangalore,India. I am very much interested in AR/VR and believe in the endless possibility these technology will be bringing. For four months I have been started learning Unity 3D as I am planning to switch my career and started searching for job as a Unity 3D developer. Many of the companies asked me for experience or unity certification. Around 3 weeks back I consulted with my nearest Unity certified centre and get to know that they have one exam scheduled for 27th November. I thought I won’t be ready by then so I decided to take more time and give the exam in February next year. But anyhow I bought the course on Udemy as it was mainly focused on Unity certification. To my surprise after 2 weeks, I was pretty confident about the exam and thought waiting till February will be a waste of time. I just went there and booked for today’s exam and I was not wrong making the decision. Also reading the Cert Survivor Tales gave me more confidence. It is a good thought.

We were 6 people who took the exam today. And everybody passed the exam:smile:.

Tips for the Exam: Yes the mock exam 2 is a little tough but it prepares you for the optimal condition. If you go through the videos well at the same time playing with the Unity software(also the Unity documentation) the exam will be easy for you and you wont confuse with the icons and UIs. Be thorough with the data types supported for audio and assets(exported/proprietary), shapes for particle system, shortcuts (zoom, move, orbit camera, play, pause). Take your time and do not hurry during the exam. Many of them finished the exam in just 1 hour so time will be sufficient for you.

This course taught me a lot of new things which I was never aware of.

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Congratulations :+1:

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