Passed the certification in Brazil

Hi, I’m super happy to share that I was able to pass the certification test this weekend. I had barely 6months of actual Unity use, and completed this course in 3weeks, studying a couple of hours after work (had to set the speed to 2x, but it was still very easy to understand, Sam has a very good articulation :smile: )
I probably marked some hotspot questions in the wrong place, but I was still able to get a 1800 score.

This course really helped me a lot! Thank you!

Out standing! And I’m so glad the course helped you get there so quickly. What’s next for Juliana?

Congratulations Juliana!
Hey, I didn’t found the exam anywhere near where I live here in Brazil (Espírito Santo), where did you take it? I would like to take it too.

Recently, I’ve started working with VR (the VR course is next on my list :slight_smile: ) , and I am working on some indie games on the side. I hope this cert help me assert myself better on these fields. :blush:

The event was held by Studica Brazil, the only Unity Certification Partner here, but I think they also do sponsored events outside São Paulo. It was not easy to get them to come to Manaus, but they did.

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Good to know, thank you for the information. I’ll contact them.

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