Passed the Certification Exam Today in Istanbul - My Experience


Hello Everyone,

I took Unity Certification exam today (February 2nd) which was held in Bahcesehir University, Istanbul and I passed it with a score of 1600 (80%). I would like to share my experience regarding the exam and the preparation process.

First of all, I started using Unity in November 2016. When I was informed about the certification exam date, it was the end of December and I decided to register Pass the Unity Certified Developer Exam course in December 30th. So, I was inexperienced about Unity and had short time to prepare for the exam. My advice for the preparation process is the following:

  • Start from the beginning of the course and watch each video while taking down your own notes. Your own notes are very important for understanding the concept in your own way.

  • There are a lot of visual concepts like lighting, effects, component windows etc., so I advise you to create a document for your notes in your computer and try to add as much screenshots as possible. It will be very helpful to see some pictures when you revise the sections.

  • If you have time, check Unity’s official documentation pages for the concepts told in the lessons. It is a great supplementary material after learning the concept in the course and most exam questions include those definitions directly.

  • The quizzes, especially the mock-up quizzes are close to the exam questions, so try to learn about your mistakes after every quiz. However, do not rely 100% upon them, because the questions in the exam may also vary. Try to use Unity’s features as much as possible.

  • Before the exam just revise your notes shortly, especially some key terms.

My advice for the exam is as follows:

  • There were around 25 people who took the exam. And some of them had problems with their laptops during the exam,so be sure that everything is fine with your hardware. Wi-fi connection is very important for an uninterrupted exam. I also advise you to bring your mouse to be faster.

  • Most of the time people required help from people in charge and that made noise unfortunately, so you may be distracted during the exam (maybe you should bring ear plugs).

  • Remember, the exam is 90 minutes. My exam took 1 hour and 19 minutes, but I saw that most of the people completed it under 1 hour. The most important thing is, take your time. Read slowly and carefully. Some questions may seem easy, but actually they may be tricky. If you are not sure about an answer, give yourself time to visualize Unity screen and the course materials.

  • After each section ends, you will see your section score. By this way, you can understand that you are doing fine or you should do better in the other sections. Try not to panic if you cannot perform well in a section. Try to perform better in the remaining sections to compensate your mistakes.

  • The sections are sorted in alphabetical order as far as I understand. So, you may do your mock-up quizzes in that order for a more realistic exam simulation.

  • After exam is finished you can inform the person in charge and take a screenshot of your result. If you cannot, don’t worry, because they will send you everyting a couple of days later.

I would like to thank Ben Tristem and Sam Pattuzzi for their precious effort which helped me a lot during my exam preparation.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask anytime.

Take care and I hope you have a good exam.


Hey, Can! Congratulations on passing! I was in the room with you :smiley: I will share my own experience in a post after I’m done editing it. Cheers!


Hello Can,
It’s a nice summary of what I would like to tell about the course and the exam.
I was in the same room with you guys :wink: It’s great you’ve passed the exam, too.


How cool is that, you are in the same room for the exam and part of this community! Small world huh!

Congratulations both by the way, and a fantastic write up of your experience Can, thank you :slight_smile: