Passed the Certification Exam! 94%

I took the exam in Raleigh, NC, USA on April 19th. Due to an error in the test, I had 8 questions in the Animation section completely skipped (and therefore counted as wrong). I proceeded to answer 85 of the next 90 correctly and passed with an 87. Since I only had the opportunity to answer 92 of the questions, I am reconciling the score for myself at 87/92, or 94.56%

The course put on my Sam and Ben proved to be extremely helpful guidance in studying. I had initially taken the course to simply familiarize myself with Unity, but after completing my first go over the course I realized “Hey, I can do this.”

I downloaded the syllabus from the official Unity Certification pages and covered the items one-by-one using Google searches. I inevitably found the official Unity Manual on the subjects, but I also discerned which links on the first page of search results would provide me with useful information to understand the question point. By the time I had finished my Google research, I went and repeated the section via this course to fill in the blanks in my understanding.

I also created mini-projects where I tried to be creative with the subject matter covered by my studying.

After this level of preparation, the test was extremely easy.

I would say that if you only watch over the course once as a Unity beginner, you have a chance to pass but there is a lot of subtle info that will fall through the cracks in your understanding. If you are new-ish to Unity, sink some extra time in to really play with the settings and get experience to deepen your understanding.

Thanks for the course, Ben & Sam! I went from being unaware of the test’s existence to Unity Certified in 3 1/2 months.


Hey @Rick_Williams,

Congratulation! Fantastic result and that sounds like some really well thought through preparation you did there, well done.

I am certain @ben and @sampattuzzi will be really pleased to hear your positive feedback regarding the course. :slight_smile:

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Hi Rick!

Congrats for the success in the test!
May I ask what happened with the animation section that got skipped? How did it happen? (I’m taking the test in 2 days)

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The way the test works is you get a Section Intro page that will tell you “This is the X Section and you will have Y questions” then you get your questions, then you get a result that tells you how many questions you got right, in points. They needlessly multiply the number of correct answers by 20 and give you your score in points. Instead of saying you got 10/10 right, they will say you got 200/200 points.

What happened with my test- I got the intro page for Animation and was informed it was 10 questions. I answered the first and submitted, then I answered the second and submitted, then I was suddenly at the scoring screen and was informed that I got 40/200 points. I informed the proctor and she told me to continue the exam… we would deal with it later.

The rest of the test went without issue.

I recently got my e-certificate and was able to review my exam score(no section-by-section scorecard afaik). They didn’t count the skipped questions and my score was recorded as a 94.56 in their system. I’m thinking that if it were close, the skipped questions wouldn’t have counted against me. I probably would have been able to pass with 65/92? Not sure, but this is what it seems like.

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I passed the exam last weekend (91%, not bad not great) so I see now what happened. Good that they didn’t count it against you and congrats on the high score! :slight_smile:


Congratulations @Giyomu_Games! 91% and you say “not great”… hehe, you have very high expectations! I’d say 91% is a fantastic result and both well done and well earned. :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:
I did have very high expectations! ^^’

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Indeed! You must have been one of those students always getting 99% or something :wink:

@Rick_Williams massive kudos to you to. Always love hearing how students have done.

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Looks like unity should be giving us a referral fee.


Congrats on passing the exam, Rick. Working my way through the course now. It’s quite good and a perfect match for my existing skill set. I’ve been a programmer for 40 years and I know C#. I also know a fair bit about 3D computer graphics (I used to be at the NYIT Computer Graphics Lab, back in the '80s). But none of that covers the material that is specific to Unity. Ben and Sam have put together a fine course that, for me, delivers that stuff at just the right speed.

I’m curious: where did you find the Unity Manual? Do you mean their on-line help pages, or something else?

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The official help pages are a humongous resource and very useful once you get used to the layouts and authorship style


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