Passed last week - thoughts


I passed the exam last week (late sept '17 in case the date is not shown here).

I had taken the Unity videos course and as part of a gaming dev club I had been playing with quite a few of Unity’s tools for the past 5 months - particles, UI, animation, navmesh, raycasting , programming etc. I took this course 2 weeks before the exam to beef up before the test.

A few thoughts

  • Sam and Ben have done a great job with this course. Thank you!

  • Sink hours of practice. If you have already been playing with Unity, I found useful picking my weakest areas to do Sam’s projects in the video.

  • I took this course over a two week period, and fully dedicated to it in the last 10 days.

  • Mock exam 2 is so much harder than Mock 1 or the exam. I scored 84% for Mock 1. 53% for Mock 2 and I took it two days before sitting the exam. Another candidate had this same observation about Mock 2 but passed the exam with ~82%, so I calculated the pick-up I could gain from my 53% result but for the real exam could be 68%. I was definintely not walking in confident for this exam, and it was too late. However, my final score was 84% if that gives you some guidance like I needed at the time…Of course Mock 2 experience builds for a better final result but maybe on a mock students are not taking until a couple of days before the exam is not most constructive.

  • The format of the questions are very similar to those in the quizzes and mocks.

  • I used up 100% of the time for both mock exams. However, I finished the actual exam in 45 mins. That may give you some guidance that this course truly prepares you for the worst and you can take your time on the day.

  • I confirmed with the Unity rep Pearson is soon coming for test locations.

  • By way of constructive feedback to the instructors, I would add:

  • now that for sometime Unity Collaborate is no longer in Beta and the proposed terms to join will change/changed, clarification whether the information provided in this course about Unity Collaborate (e.g. Gb included, number of members it includes) is out of date or not would help.

  • I am yet to find a good source on the internet that clearly explains the difference between the Animation transitions - interruption sources.

  • The proposed answers to some questions, particularly for Mock 2 , are really confusing or arguable. Perhaps a short note explaining the more confusing answers or the approach the exam is looking for would help.

  • Other than that, great job !

Good luck to future candidates.


Congratulation @Sergio_Solorzano . I’ve just finished the mock exam 2 with bad result: 59% Correct (59/100) . I’m very nervous at first (because i was very confident before take the test), when look at the review detail i found that the questions are very tricky, and confusing. And now read your tip about "… the more confusing answers " at the exam make me more nervous. I should learn the course once again :frowning:


Here is a good explain about Animation transitions - interruption sources :


Congratulations on a great result!

We totally hear you regarding Mock exam 2. We are constantly improving it and I have edited about 10% in the last week. That said, I know there are still rough edges so I have added this word of warning:

I have patched the video to mention Unity teams. However, given that teams is only for 5.5+, it’s specific plans and features can be in the certification which is based on 5.3.4.