Passed in Krefeld, Germany - my preparation


Hi everyone,
today I successfully took the exam in Krefeld, Germany.
I have been using Unity since end of 2016…but unfortunately rather rarely in the beginning.

End of 2017 I got the drive with Ben’s awesome courses. I did also some YouTube tutorials by Brackeys.
In February I decided to take the next upcoming exam in Krefeld. There was no specific reason to take it but just to check my standing in Unity.
Since I am actually a full time SAP consultant, I had to do all the learning after my day job. I must admit, I needed 6 weeks of learning just for Sam’s course without working on my own projects during that time.
I believe the best practice for taking the exam is practicing unity itself. (as Sam always said in the course).
I did the Mock up exam #1 with a pretty good feeling…last Friday I finally took Mock up exam #2 - with failing at 65%. :frowning: That was not a good feeling…but I did some more learning over the weekend.
As Sam said at some point, the Mock up Exams are harder than the actual exam itself! That is true. The exam was easier…but don’t over estimate this statement. A proper preparation is definitely needed.

I scored 92% in the exam and feel great to have spent that preparation time on unity.

Thanks to Ben for creating, Ben and Rick for the awesome tutorials und Sam for the great exam preparation course!

Best wishes for everyone who also wants to take the exam.