Partner for Multiplayer Mobile Cross platform game


I have been working on a Chess Board game, for Android and ios on Unity. I have the basic moves down, the player cannot make illegal moves, and the pieces move perfectly, teams can capture each other's pieces. I am going to use Stockfish as a game engine and i am currently working on implementing the UI part. My end goal is to make this game multiplayer cross-platform i.e.,. Android players can play with ios players. There is a game on Apple app store "Social Chess" and it is pretty cool, the only thing is that it is only for Apple users. It does not exist on Android. I have a lot of friends who play chess on their apple devices with each other, and us Android users feel left out. The chess apps that exist on google play store are just horrible, saturated with annoying ads. I know there is a huge market for this. I want to make this game, and create an excellent experience for users, integrating adds in a nice way. I need someone who has the same view as me and at least a little passion for chess and can work with me on this game. I know it is not easy, but I know it is totally worth it.

Thanks for reading,
Hope to talk to you soon.

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