Particles hang at the previous location of Cube

Particles hang at the previous location of Cube. how to make particles fall on cube after blast of sphere? Even Kill Particles is also not enabled.

After Blast and fall of cube on floor. :point_down:

Really difficult to say what you are trying to do and how your configuration is set up.
If particles need to be raining down. You need to have an animation of reasonable length. Because particles are not all born at the start.

And what are your particles?
An object, a container containing objects …
Those objects need to be hidden when rendering because particles will use instances of the originals.

Some particle falls on ground but some hangs at the location where cube was located at frame 1. Pieces of balls after blast are hanging above cube .

So the blue cube falls also?
Does the ball hit the falling cube?

In the old course, breaking / exploding glass.
The trick was to switch over to a different layer with different configured objects.
layer one contains the hittable cube, when hitted layer two was active with different cube settings.
Difficult to explain.

Does your particles have mass? No mass, then gravity has no influence!
Maybe give then a default speed vector …
Be creative and try to understand the tools of Blender. Blender is not the real world in a software package. you need to simulate parts by your self.

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