Particle System - Not Rendering

Hi All,

I am taking Unity 2D course - Block Breaker section. I am having 3 levels
In first level, I have a sprite to render at background
In level 2 & 3, I don’t have background sprite to render. I have simple camera background colour in thse levels

In playing mode, In world outliner I found particles are getting instantiating & getting destroyed in all the levels.
But, Particles are rendered in level 2 & 3, but not rendered in level 1.

Your help is needed

Are the particles not rendered or just not visible in your first level?

The latter could be a matter of the rendering order of your sprites, seeing you are using a sprite as background in that level.


Hi Khasyk,

I am able to see particles in scene view while playing. It is getting rendered behind the background.

As you suspect, I am using Sprite in the background.

I tried adjusting the z position towards the camera, but no use.

Why towards the camera?

(Camera) ---- (Things in front of the background) ---- (Background)


Try changing the “Order in Layer” property of either the background sprite or in the renderer section of the particle system.

You can see this number as:
Layer 1 painted on top of layer 0 and layer -10 under layer -9 etc.

@Anantha_Narayanan It would be real helpful if you showed a screenshot of the inspector for your background sprite, camera, and particle system. It sounds like it is a position or layer issue. The z component is probably not right, that or you may have the particle system childed to a parent object with a crazy z component. You may want to switch the scene view to 3D so you can see where things are layed out. This would make it easier to see those mistakes. That or switch your camera to perspective view for a second to see if it gives you some visual feedback you can use.

You need to see where things are relative to each other. If you move an object closer to the camera but the object you need visible is still behind it then you will not see it.

Thanks a lot all & @Khasyk . The issue is sorted out by setting the sorting layer with order no. It is a nice community to be within…

I have identified particle system is getting with the help fo 3D scene view. Thanks

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