Particle Edited Bunny

He is a bit odd colored at the moment and looks like he has used a ton of hair product on his fur! :smile: Hopefully, the final product will turn out better.


Cool model @Morgaine_Christensen did it take you long?

Thanks, Wesley!

You mean the hair to just getting to the point above with the whole bunny? I don’t know about others but I thought the whole bunny process took a really long time. I think the worst part was trying to comb the hair to look more natural. This one looks like it stepped out of the 50s with too much pomade slicking back it’s hair LOL. I haven’t gone back to try it to see how quick it is to create while not watching the lecture too.

Actually I was mostly referring to the sculpting. haven’t seen your finished product yet.

I ended up having to start over at least once on project. My sculpting skills are not the best in the world so not sure my sculpting organics is gonna be my forte. :spider_web: The final project is out there posted somewhere.

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