Parser Error: Unexpected Symbol?

void Update () {
	if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Space)){
	text.text = "You find yourself locked in a dark prison" +
				 " as you look around the only thought that comes to your head is your name" +
				 ", Will Murphy. \n\n"
				 "Press R to view the room, S to view your bed, and E to attempt to find a way out";

It is underlining “Press” in press R…
Also I keep getting an error saying something about my preferences and asking me to change my current writing or continue using this format.

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I found the mistake, was missing a +.

But this is the error I cant make sense of:
The file “X:\UnityProjects\Prison\Assets\TextScript.cs” has line endings which differ from the policy settings.
Do you want to convert the line endings?

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Here is the same question was asked earlier:

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