Parallax Background issue. Godot Multiplayer:Make your own multiplayer game

My issue is with the Parallax background in the Godot Multiplayer: Make your own game Lecture 9/10.

The issue is that the background doesn’t repeat until you walk close enough… then suddenly it ‘pops’ in.
In the lecture itself, it states that if you click on the sprite2d node that is a child of the parallaxlayer node, and then you click “off” centered under the ‘offset’ section of the inspector, that it solves the issue.
It worked for my first background (the trees) but it hasn’t worked for my second background (the houses) Is there anything else I should do or that i’ve missed?

(The right of the screenshot is no house, then I walk to the right of the screen and the house suddenly appears where it’s meant to repeat anyway)

Parallax has been a chronic thorn in the sides of many devs for a while. I think 4.3 will be bringing some redesigns, but that’s not coming out for a while yet.

In the meantime, maybe this will help (I think you’re already halfway there as it is). It solved the parallax problems I was having in Kaan’s course:

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Thanks for posting this, it’s true that the parallax is being worked on and hopefully resolved in 4.3 but 4.3 is a little ways off yet.

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thanks for the link BH67. On the reddit post where you say “making sure that both the parallax layer and the sprite position were on the scene origin”, do you mean world/scene coordinates?

It’s not my post, but if I remember correctly, what OP meant to say is that the ParallaxLayer and Sprite2D should be positioned at (0, 0). I checked my 2D project again; that’s how it’s set up there, and I’m pretty certain I had to make that adjustment in order to fix the problem.

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