Paragon Characters 5.1 (Workaround)

Note that the Paragon characters are unavailable by default in 5.1 as UE has switched over to the “Enhanced Input System” by default in that version so the workarounds described by the instructor no longer work in that version as the “Manny” third person character now uses the enhanced input system so the events described no longer exist in the project. However, you can add them in yourself.

Getting Paragon assets in 5.1 project:
First check “Show all projects”
Then disable the warning by selecting the closest unreal version to be 5.0:

Then you can select your course project, and you can import the asset pack into it.

Go to your content browser and search for the “GideonPlayerCharacter” and open the blueprint.
You will notice the warnings that the instructor points out. However, the indicated events will not be available as you need to add them yourself. First delete the “ResetVR” section as we are not using VR in this course and so the mapping doesn’t make much sense.

Then, go to “Project Settings → Engine → Input” and define the action and axis mappings as they are named in the blueprint. This is covered in depth in the Blueprint or C++ Unreal courses. You can add the mappings such as the following (ignore the warning message):

If you don’t care about gamepad support, you can delete any blueprint nodes referencing them and ignore the mappings, but I included them here for completeness.

Advanced users:
These settings are also saved to a file “Config/DefaultInput.ini” in your project, so a shortcut (in addition to updating the blueprint nodes) is to just copy over these settings and then re-open the project to avoid manually typing them in:

Paste the following under the ini section [/Script/Engine.InputSettings]


Another way of changing the character class is to go to “Project → Maps and Modes” and under selected game mode, set the Default Pawn Class to “GideonPlayerCharacter”:

This has the advantage of being the default for all maps and not just a specific one, though we only create one map in this course so it really doesn’t matter.

:pancakes: As easy as putting syrup on pancakes, thanks!

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