Painting the Pants

Full progress can be seen by visiting my Repo

I’ve painted her pants. Several times in fact. I started with a shadow color much too dark. After smudging and blending I came up with a lighter color, that I decided was to light so I added some darkness to it. Now I think it is too dark. I am stepping away for a bit and letting the current color gel for a bit as I don’t want to micro manage a shadow.

I also discovered my topology is far off from the reference image. I followed the image to draw the shadows originally. They looked a bit flat to me. Changing the drawing modes, I noticed that my girl has much higher hips and a lower butt than the reference image. I smudged the shadows to a close position and then “tidied up” a bit. Now that the shadows fit the topology, she doesn’t look so flat.

This time you get a front and back view:


Coming along nicely!!

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