Page wont load

For the “solid drawing” lecture i can’t seem to get the page to load on multiple devices. All links on that page seem to be down. I had to press “back”, then skip that lecture altogether.

Is that here on the site or on udemy?

Here at

I am a little confused as the only course i have here on for characters is the new one with Grant Abbit.
The link in that course takes you to the udemy site and is the 2.79 content.
Unfortunately it may be that the course has been archived in which case support for the course will have ended.
If you have the new characters course you could use the coupon right at the end of the course to get access to the course on udemy as the video appears to be working there.

Can you confirm that the course with a link to the course is indeed the older version?

Thanks in advance

@Lucy_Becker Not sure why i cant see the older course or if this is an issue but tagging jsut in case

Solid drawing is a lecture in the original Blender Characters course. I’ve DM’d you a coupon @Marc_Carlyon

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Hey @Gray_Jack_Gaming, I’ve taken a look and can’t replicate the issue from this end (the video is playing and the GitHub link works.

I can see you’ve tried on multiple devices so it shouldn’t be a case of clearing cache/cookies etc. And I’m assuming all the other lectures are playing ok? Maybe give it a try on a different browser and see if that works?

Let me know how you get on,

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