Paddle moves to right in autoplay

Hello everybody…When i set the autoplay true the paddle moves to right itself…I checked the code but cant find any issue…Does somebody encounter with this problem? I checked paddle collider ball collider but no problem with them

Hi Vaqif,

That sounds as though the settings in Unity do not match Rick’s. For instance, the camera is supposed to be set to (6, 8, -10). If that’s not the case, please rewatch the video. You don’t have to actually watch it but you should jump to the marks where you can see the settings in Rick’s Inspector. Compare them to yours.

I have a similar issue. Both the ball and the paddle are set at 8, but it slowly slides before clicking the mouse to start in autoplay. According to Debug.Log it changes like.


Further testing shows that the returned x position of the ball fluctuates between 8 and 7.999. Even when I turn off paddle auto move.

    • I managed to make it work by using Mathf.Round to make the 7.999s into 8s. This causes the paddle to jump around from 7 to 8 to 9 etc, but it still works.

Not sure if this error is related to floating point precision error or not.

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