Paddle, Ball and Block missing when game is run, but are present in scene editor


I am about half way through the block breaker game lessons and somehow I managed to lose my Paddle, ball and Block when the actual game is run. I think this has something to do with the camera or the canvas size, but all the settings look right to me.

I can’t continue further without being able to actually test/debug the game as I go…

Can anybody give me a clue as to what I may have messed up here?




Hi Ben,

If you run the game, and then pause it, flick to Scene View, double-click the Paddle or Ball in the Hierarchy, where do they appear? Screenshot perhaps?


Turns out it was the camera clipping and the z axis placement… all good for now!


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Hi Benjamin,

Glad to hear you have resolved the issue and can move forward again :slight_smile:

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