Packaging my MarbleRun Level taking too long

I’m not quite sure what I did (I must have done something wrong), but packaging my MarbleRun level has taken over 3 hours and it’s still going. I’m using UE5 on a Windows 10 desktop, and didn’t change any settings except for the ones told to in the video (checking “Cook only maps” and selecting the map).

While 3 hours might seem like a long time for a small project like MarbleRun, it could be possible depending on the specs of your computer that you’re packaging on. The good news is that once it finishes the first time, subsequent packages are much faster so long as you don’t delete the contents of the target folder.

What could help you diagnose any issues when packaging, is to look at the output log while packaging and see if there are any errors or what the last message is if output has stalled (packaging sends out a lot of messages in the log).

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