Packaged Game Is Very Laggy

I have packaged my Marble Run game and every time I launch the packaged game, the game has terrible frames per second and is very laggy. However, the game runs perfectly fine and smoothly in the UE4 editor.

Anyone know how to improve the packaged game’s performance?

Did you package the build as development or shipping? UE either does or forgoes some optimizations based on what you select.

Packaged it as development, so that the print statements would show up. I guess maybe that’s the reason why. Where would I be able to reduce a packaged game’s quality then?

You can reduce a games quality by setting graphic settings in defaultgameusersettings.ini, you may need to make the file yourself do a little digging on what all of the graphic settings are (you can also test them using console commands, accessible by pressing `)

Alternatively, you may need to reduce the number of log calls you’re making. I’ve noticed that log calls are pretty expensive and too many too quickly will tank a game’s performance.

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