Ox Practice

Hello, I have been drawing from before, but I have never done any models before now.
This lesson made me realize how much I love doing models, got a bit carried away and found myself just sitting there having tons of fun working on this model, trying out different stuff, seeing how it all goes together.
I think I might actually prefer working on models over drawing, so thank you for showing me the ropes of how things work!
Looking forward to learning more as I go through your lessons!



The vibe it has, is like living in the sea …
Well done!

Looks great!!! I love it, please continue on - we need to see a full model fully textured B)

Thank you, I guess we’ll see if it ends up living in the sea after the end result is finished eventually :speak_no_evil:

Haha thanks, I’ll try my best, but it is definitely gonna be a huge learning process before I am able to deliver a fully complete model of it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Wow man, Thats insane! I just got the sculpting course but I am still on the beginners course. This is awesome!

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