Ow snap, a pyramid with a ramp (slight different approach)

Of course, as everything is measured so nicely, it is easy enough to just move everything correctly given the correct amount of units to move it all … Anyway, I used the snapping tool, but:

  • Extrude, not as such, but along the Y axis!! This way, the ground edge (which cannot be snapped to any geometry) stays on the ground
  • I could just do “E Y -1”, but for the sake of the exercise, I just extruded, fixed on the Y-axis, and then snapped to the appropriate vertex on the top. As said, fixing on the Y-axis makes sure that the bottom stays OK
  • Then, just select the top edge and merge it correctly (as in the video) … Here I forgot to auto-merge, which was interesting to see.

The main issue I had with the proposed solution is that the snapping of the bottom edge seems a bit “forced” because in this specific example we know the exact slope and we can snap to the grid … With another slope it would have been more problematic, I think.

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