Who’s playing? Which are your favourite heroes?

Mei. I don’t even play, but she’s cute as heck.

I also like the memes :3

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I do play, and can confirm Mei is rather awesome. Nowadays–I primarily cycle through Pharah, Mei, Symmetra, Torbjorn, Widowmaker, Tracer. Mostly in that order. I play the others too, depending on circumstances. I really like Tracer, but she’s squishy and I’m not quite as good at zipping around to take people out as others are. I also can’t aim Tracer’s ultimate to actually stick it to anybody.

Mercy, Mei and even the Soundboy Healer (name?) is fun to defense a location.
I don’t know why but I haven’t played all the fancy pure damage dealers yet. There are always enough people picking them anyway ^

Mercy, Mei, and Zarya mainly. Basically the ones who spend more time defending the team rather than dealing damage.

I don’t “main” anybody but I switch between a few heroes depending on my team:

Offense: Genji, McCree
Defense: Mei, Hanzo, Junkrat (Junkrat is one of my favorite character designs. I love how goofy he is)
Tanks: Zarya mostly (Her ult works great with other’s if you time them together), Roadhog
Support: Lucio, Mercy

I don’t really play the other character often, but once in a blue moon I’ll try them out.

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