Overlay Option is not visible in Blender 3.4

I am unwrapping the model i made but I cannot judge the stretching correctly as I dont have this Overlay option available in Display section

Any work around ?

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Need more details on what it is that you want and where you’re looking for it.

If you mean the color grid/UV grid, then that isn’t an overlay. It’s a generated texture.
You can get it by pressing new on an image texture node in the material node editor, then from the dropdown selecting either color or UV grid. Both can be used for checking UVs though they look different.


Screenshot (66)
Screenshot (68)


I am trying to find it in uveditor, when i press N, and edit, and display, i cant find overlay

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Can you post a screenshot from the lecture? I don’t have access to all the courses so I can’t tell what is missing for you.

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Ok, I’ve went and watched the lecture you posted this under.
It looks like the overlay menu got moved at some point and is now, rightfully so, in the top right consistent with every other overlay menu in Blender.


Just a heads up, you may need to use the middle mouse button to slide the context bar to the left to reach it, or resize the UV window.



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