Out of the Box: Unity Virtual Tabletop

While video games and apps are huge in the market, another thing has been growing especially since 2020: Virtual Tabletops (Such as Foundry VTT or Roll 20). For those of us who tabletop game (Like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, The Dark Eye, etc.) it is amazing to have the ability to gather with others even if we can’t leave our homes and share a gaming experience. And when we can gather in the same place, digital maps showing what is currently going on is an amazing visual aide. While I am currently working on my own form of VTT, I think a course about building a Virtual Tabletop in Unity would be a massive success. Now that schools and behavioral therapists are providing tabletop gaming as a way to socialize and relieve anxiety and stress, it is becoming even more popular.

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