Our Design Specializations

For the “How to Create Your Specialization Statement” Exercise, I worked out my mindmap chart using a spreadsheet. While it really helped me solidify the next steps to take to meet my goals, I am less certain of how best to approach the question of my Day One Value.

As the main reasons I am taking this course are to solidify my blog/portfolio and approach an indie studio with a targeted ‘Artifact’ demo, I had some trouble narrowing down my skill set.

For an actual job hunt, I might tailor my resume with a single focus on one of these three headlines:

  • I am a Technical Artist fluent in C# with experience on creating bridges between art and gameplay for small game design teams.
  • I am a Production Coordinator with experience in the field coordinating & documenting & providing prototyping supplies, meals and software for small game design teams.
  • I am a Narrative Designer with a background in novel and screenwriting classes, as well as over 240,000 words of short stories published online.

I hope they read well :smile: