Other objects don't trigger door?


So I ran into a problem and I’m still trying to figure out how to do it.
There is probably a very easy way for it but hey, let’s put this community to work.

The thing is that I want another object than the chair to interact with the triggervolume to open te door.
Only problem it when I add another object, and simulate physics, the object is nog making contact with the trigger volume.

How to manage this?

The code is still the same as the course.

Thank you

From what you say I have a TL:DR suggestion here:

Make sure you enable “Generate Overlap Events” (<- definitely important to get the triggerVolume to notice it!)

Here is my full answer, assuming that doesn’t work:

What is the object that you are trying to add?

I just changed SM_Rock (from starter content) to have the correct attributes and it added to the triggerVolume that Ben designed in the lectures without a problem.

It is a static mesh (if your object isnt a static mesh that might be an issue.) Check in the world outliner tab. I.e.:

The features that I turned on for SM_Rock in the Details tab are:


  • Simulate Physics (ticked)
  • Mass In Kg (ticked and added a value)
  • Enable Gravity (ticked)


  • Simulation Generates Hit Events (ticked)
  • Generate Overlap Events (ticked) (<- definitely important to get the triggerVolume to notice it!)
  • You’ll need to set Collision Presets to" PhysicsActor" to be able to pick it up at all I think

Think you may also you may need to add a collision box. If you right click your asset in World Outliner and then Edit (or find it in the content browser) and bring up the following window:

Add a collision box from the menu at the top if needed:


Thank you so much!

I knew there would be an easy explanation to it. I forgot to generate overlap events…

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