[OT] bogus certificates in Xcode?

Sorry if this is not the right place to post this, but I wanted to see if anyone else has seen this problem.

I just upgraded to maxOS Sierra 10.12 and suddenly Unreal and Xcode has become incredibly slow.
I’m seeing a bunch of errors like this repeated in the Xcode log window

016-10-02 15:54:43.974359 UE4Editor[2792:305730] Trying to add a bogus certificate
2016-10-02 15:54:43.976225 UE4Editor[2792:305730] An error occured while inserting an untrusted certificate into the chain
2016-10-02 15:54:44.188476 UE4Editor[2792:305730] Pruning certificate chain to 18446744073709551615

I’m thinking that may be the source of the problem. Has anyone else experienced this after updating?
I’ve posted this same message on the Unreal forums.

Unreal 4.11.2
Mac OS 10.12
Xcode ver 8
2012 27" iMac

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