Orientation of the particles

In my case for the crash particle effect I wanted to use the cone. All works well, but the cone follow the position of the character so when he crashes the particle are fired towards the snow which is not the effect that I expected.
I know I could manually orient the particles the other way, but I would like to find the option to fire the particles upwards no matter the position of the character. I looked at the parameters but couldn’t find how to fix it.

Hi Cristobal,

I’m not sure if I understood your problem correctly but have you already tried to set the Simulation Space in the Particle System component to “World”?

See here:

Hi Nina,

Sorry if I didn’t explain myself well. But yeah basically I want the position of the particle to be relative to the player, but the direction of the cone to be absolute (always upwards).
I saw in the video about World and I thought it would make sense but unfortunately I didn’t see the difference.

I found this, I will try later and update


I think unfortunately it’s a too old version of Unity and I cannot replicate what he’s saying…

I’m afraid I still do not understand your problem. Could you share screenshots of the problem and maybe a sketch of what you would like to achieve?

Also please let me know what you already tested.

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