Order of Taking the Course

This is my second attempt to start the course, and will be taking the courses in order.
For structure purposes.
Slow and Steady this time! :slight_smile:

That’s generally a good idea. I think you’ll do great!

I share that same idea… for me its my second time as well and I hope to start at part 1 and follow the instructors path…

I really hope this go around will be easier to follow along… and that it ends up with me knowing all the triggers that we cover doing this. I still remember last time feeling as if I did not grasp how to use what we made! I am an old man tho (retired computer analyst, old school programmer from early 80’s) Things have changed a lot and I still enjoy learning game programming.

I would really like to see a list of ALL the data that our game will manage in one LONG list, because after all DATA is king!

For myself after working computers for over 40 years – having a MAP of all data that will be tracked at the start would help me a great deal because I would study that list and the way it is sub divided; after all DATA is handled in many different ways!

Knowing what data to collect when is very important to me,

Brain I wonder if you guys have been asked this before.

If it is at all possible can i get a list of the datasets that we will be covering.

I have learned a great deal from gameDev and want to continue learning from them because they do a great job!

If we were in the business world I would ask what tables of data are we going to make?
then I would ask what properties are we tracking in each table?
and finally i would ask what relationships are there between tables?

Thanks in advance as I realize that this is a BIG request.

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I totally get what you are saying, I am over 50 and like you been in the IT industry for all of my career. Never a programmer just the odd Unix shell scripting for admin tasks etc etc. This time around I am planning on drawing my own UML diagram. As this I hope will help me better understand the overall relationship and I hope will allow me to see what we are aiming for. And of course a better understanding. I too hope that the Gamedev team can provide there version, as I am sure they must of done an FDS.

I never started the second run through when I posted this due to various reasons, but as I got notified of your reply to the thread I was setting up the Project again to start my run through of now all four courses. So must be fate :slight_smile: that someone else was thinking the same as me an posted at the exact time I was setting up. So had to reply.

Good luck with your second time through :slight_smile:

Hmmm… it’s not something I’ve seen requested, but I’ll see if I can put a list together this weekend.

I originally funded this course on Kickstarter but never got around actually doing it.
Kudos for the new structure.

@Brian_Trotter Hi Brian, any news if the documentation is available to be shared ?

Time has been my enemy on this. I got started on a thread here

I am also retaking this course. I was starting this after the 3D course 2 years ago but off myself to learn other things. I pick up basic modeling, math and shader.