Orc Revisited

I decided to come back to the clothing and armor before moving onto animation. So much happier with the result, although I have 700,000 Triangles now lol - but I’m more interested in creating characters for film rather than games so I guess it’s not so bad. Still got a lot to learn with optimizing topology. Next time I will aim for no more than 300,000 tirangles including clothing. An important thing to remember is if you have bad topology it’s almost impossible to unwrap and then you can’t bake normals and cavity which forces you to use higher res models. :thinking:


This is industry standard! Actually no this is beyond industry standard! I’m so impressed!

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Very good looking character especially the clothes the extra time spent well.
Good to see someone not very low poly game centric.

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Or for 3D print …

Beautifull sculpt!


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